Friday, March 7, 2014

The Affirmations Colouring Book

I sprained my knee last week because of over enthusiastic jogging. I just started getting into jogging and I over did it, running on an already injured knee that I didn't realize was injured. It's been a really difficult adjustment, not being able to really walk, dealing with pain, walking with a cane extremely slowly and having to figure out how to get the essential things done. There were many moments when I just burst into tears, at home and in public. In particular, navigating winter and Montreal's totally ableist public transit system, and the impossible walk-in clinic wait lines and condescension has been both emotionally challenging, and physically impossible and painful. I wanted to get better quickly and I'm still getting better and its just not going to happen quickly.

And somewhere in there a shift happened. Emma and I went to an Oscar watching party at Bruno Sports Bar on Beaubien. I saw Anna Lev, Nadia, Nasrin, Bita, Kandis, and Sarah Wang among others, and it was so nice to be around friends who expressed genuine concern and offered support. The Oscars are so bizarre and deeply problematic and there was something about that too, witnessing this hyper-real presentation of the fucked up world. Sitting in a warm bar with really awesome bar staff, surrounded by giant televisions broadcasting this surreal capitalist setup of "culture" and remembering that my partner, my friends and my own love for myself are what is going to get my through this time. And I can trust them. And I can trust myself.

I'm a Leo/Taurus, from a tradition of strong determined Tauruses on my mom's side of the family. At my last acupuncture visit, the practitioner took my pulse and told me I have a "special relationship to willpower." That is, I plow through. I try to do it all on my own. I have an awesome partner, Emma, who I feel comfortable being vulnerable with and asking for help, but often its a challenge to extend that vulnerability to my friends. I'm a friendly introvert; I'm warm and comfortable with people but I also guard my alone time. I had to ask for help because I couldn't buy groceries and I couldn't do laundry, and I couldn't walk my dog, and I didn't want that to all fall on my partner's shoulders. Having friends offer to help and be genuinely happy to do so, it really healed me and changed my relationship to my body, my patience with myself, and how I think about friendship. Things I probably should know by now, but I guess I only knew it in theory, and now I know it in practise.

And so, as things shifted, I also started to be able to be more loving towards myself, and I decided to make an Affirmations Colouring Book. For people to colour and feel better, feel comforted. And I decided to combine that idea with pet portraits, and draw my friends pets and affirming, loving statements we can tell ourselves for comfort, motivation, love, inspiration, and relief. Here are some of the pages that will be in the book.

You can pre-order copies of the book from my Etsy Store.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New French Language Postcards in Support of Postal Workers!

These postcards are part of a series of postcards I've drawn and printed in support of postal workers and in opposition to the proposed cuts to Canada Post. You can buy these cards individually, or in a pack of 6. You can also buy a mixed pack of both french and english cards. You can buy them from my Etsy shop or you can order them from me directly by emailing me

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shameless Video Blog: How to Make Friends - Part 2

I just finished my Shameless Video Blog, Part 2 of How to Make Friends. It's part of ongoing advice I video blog and write for Shameless Magazine. Its so rewarding to do. Watch it and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I drew these postcards with love for postal workers. Send them and show your love for your loved ones and postal workers. Fight the proposed cuts to Canada Post that would see door to door delivery service cut and a loss of 8000 unionized jobs. Spread the word, build moraleBuy a set of 6 cards of $5.00 or $1 each directly from my Etsy Shop. I am currently working on new postcards with similar messages in French. 


Buy a set of 6 cards of $5.00 or $1 each. email me at to place an order.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Once again, I have drawings and comics for sale! Everything is made with love. The dimensions and prices are listed below. 

You can pay me through paypal, interac e-transfer, or by mailing me a cheque. If you want me to mail the art to you in a beautiful package, add $3.00 for postage within Canada, and $5 for outside of Canada

I am also available to draw custom pet portraits. Get in touch to discuss the details.

Get in touch with your order!


Aaron Says. 3 pages full colour. $5 
This is a story of when I had a brief romance with my brother's roommate and he came to terms with not being gay. 
 I had died. 3 pages full colour. $5. 
This comic reflects on death, afterlifes, and missing people.  


Please Let Me. b&w. 8 x 8  original $25 print $5
Tools of Love. Colour. 8 x 5.  original $25 print $6.50

Young Sarah. Colour. 8.5 x 11. Print $12


Choir #1. b&w.  Inspired by all those days I spent in choir. 11x17. print: $7 original: $40

Choir #2. b&w.  Inspired by all those days I spent in choir. 11x17. print: $7

Choir #3. b&w. 11 x 27. print: $7.50. original: $30


Street#2 - Halifax Corner. Colour. 11 x 8.5. print: $15 original: $75

Street #3 - Creighton St. Halifax b&w11 x 8.5.  print: $7.50 

Street #4. colour. 11 x 8.5. print: $15

Rural. b&w.11 x 8.5. print: $15 


Guelph Collective House #1. b&w. 8.5 x 11. print: $5. 

Guelph Collective House #2. b&w.11 x 8.5. print: $5. 

Guelph Collective House #3. b&w.8.5 x 11. print: $5. original : $30


Kissing in the Landscape. b&w.11 x 8.5. print: $5. 

Kissing #1. b&w. 11 x 8.5.  print: $7.50 original: $75

Kissing #2. b&w. 8.5 x 11  print: $15 

Kissing #3. b&w. 5x3  print: $5. original: $20 

Kissing #4. b&w. 5x3  print: $5. original: $20 

Kissing #5. b&w. 5x3  print: $5. original: $20 

Kissing #6. b&w. 5x5  print: $5. original: $20 

Kissing #7. b&w. 8 x 8. print: $10.


Home #1. 11 x 8.5.  print: $6 original: $30

Home #2. Colour. 11 x 8.5. print: $12 

Home #3. Colour. 11 x 8.5. print: $12 

Home #4.  4 x 8. print: $3 

Home #5. 8.5 x 11  print: $6 

Home #6.  4 x 8. print: $3 Original: $20

Home #7. Colour. 8.5 x 11. print: $12 original: $60


Little Grammie. b&w.11 x 8.5. print: $5.

Abbie. blue and white 2.5 x 2.5. print: $3.  original: $8

Aaron. Colour. 8.5 x 11. print: $20 original: $60
Noam. b&w. 8.5 x 11  print: $15. original: $80

Son.  6x4 print: $5 Original: $30

Self Portrait #1. b&w. 8.5 x 11  print: $15. original: $80

Self Portrait #2. b&w. 11 x 8.5  print: $15. original: $80

Dogs and Beer. colour. 8 x 14. original $30 print $10


Logan #1 Colour. 8.5 x 11. print: $12 

Logan #4.color. 8 x 11. print: $20. original: $60

Logan #5 . colour. 8.5 x11. print: $25. 

Dog and Dog. b&w11 x 8.5.  print: $7.50 original: $17


Bad Edits. Colour. 8.5 x 11. print: $5

No More Man Babies. b&w. 8.5 x 11. print: $10. original: $25

Be Careful. b&w. 8.5 x11. print: $5  original: $30

I Want To Do Sex To Her. Colour (Screenprint). 8.5 x 11. print: $12 original: $60

Please.  colour. 3 x 5.  print: $3.  original: $12

 b&w. 8.5 x 11  print: $15 

Ok Buddy. b&w. 11 x 8.5. print: $5 original: $30

Check b&w. Originally drawn for Queersafe. 8.5 x 11. print: $6 original: $40


Cats. b&w. 11 x 11. print: $7


Stretch. b&w. 8.5 x 11. print: $15

Fan Me Please. b&w. 4 x 4. print: $4. original: $10

Flying Guys. b&w. 4 x 8. print: $4. original: $10

Sad. b&w. 4 x 6. print $5

Cold Wind Blows These Days Away. b&w. 8.5 x 11. print: $6 original: $30


How Do You Like My Outfit?. colour. 11 x 8. print: $10

Work Date. colour. 11 x 17. print: $10. original: $40

Oh Fuck. Colour. This is one of my faves. 11 x 8.5.  print: $10. 
   Go For It. b&w. 5 x 8 print: $3 

                                                 Milk. Colour. 11 x 8.5. print: $12 original: $60

No Fun.  4 x 8. print: $5 Original: $20

Party.  4 x 8. print: $5 Original: $20

Hello #2. b&w. 11 x 17. print: $7. original: $40

Hello #3. Colour . 11 x 8.5. print: $10. original: $30

Hello #4.  b&w. 11 x 17. print: $7. original: $40

Hold On. 5 x 8 print: $3 Original: $25

Magic Man#2  b&w  3x11. print: $4

Scarey 3x3. print; $6. Original: $40

Talk. b&w. 8.5 x 11  print: $15. 

We've Got Plans For You. Colour. 7 x 7. print: $8.50 


I am a musician! I made this album about 4 years ago with my dear friends! Buy it for $10! 


Our Date with Alison Bechdel written by Tara Michelle Ziniuk, drawings by Sarah Mangle. $3.00
This zine reflects on Alison Bechdel's comic about her mother, Are You My Mother?, Tara Michelle Ziniuk's childhood, and Sarah and Tara Michelle's strategies to become Alison's buddy.

Zine: Oh Greyhound Romance. This is an old zine, written 7 years ago about a long greyhound trip, and hitching in B.C. b&w. Quarter-size. $2

To place an order, email me at
You can pay me through e-mail money transfer, cheque, paypal, or cash.

If you want them mailed to you in a beautiful package, at $3.50 to each order in Canada, or $5.00 to each order in the U.S, or elsewhere.